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Awkward Posing FTW.

Vintage Maren Sweater. This is a light sweater, light enough to hold the dyes that create a sort of soft patchwork-like portrait on it.

These sweaters aren’t even ugly but I’m just keeping that tag for my sweaters so all of them are compiled together.

it’s sweata season ya’ll. Mom doesn’t seem to care too much.

Gap Sweater, this was a gift so it’s in a small, it’s the tightest sweater I own, wearing it feels odd but so warm, so me gusta. 

Dancing with my new booties. Every payroll, I’m getting a new pair of shoes.

Fall has commenced and with that comes ugly sweater season. This year’s ugly sweater series will have less posts than last year’s. I was looking back on my ‘ugly sweater’ tag which dates back to last fall and winter, I had bought most of my sweaters for $3. Now, Unique sells the same sweaters for upwards of $10 and can range to $30. I don’t know if it’s the popularity of thrifting that elevated the prices this much, but I’d just wish they’d go down. 


A lifelong collector of clothing and thrifter

I had to end it with her smile.

The first of many. She’s barefaced in all these pictures, this image sets the tone for the others.

This next group of pictures that will be uploading over the next couple of days will be of my best friend, Ayanna. She’s got an unparalleled sense of style. These pictures have her in her natural element and are inexplicably genuine. Her smile, ease and friendliness with the camera is apparent. 


What I wore to my night class today. It’s one of those wrinkle-free shirts but I brutally forced into a drawer until I got the slight wrinkle effect. Paired it with some jeans and navy blue tennis shoes. I live for simple outfits like this. I’ll probably wear the same when I go visit my best friend tomorrow at her college.

Running errands and loved my outfit. New Year, New Room. Redecorating my room again, it’s been a year since it’s been the same and it’s been bothering me so much. going to thrift shops and Ikea for pieces to decorate the room. 

Mother and I just hit a vintage blouse gold mine. I’ll be making adjustments to all of these and taking the shoulder pads.

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